Pike offers amendment to address CRC concerns

This week, Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, offered an amendment to the House Transportation budget which would address concerns she has heard from citizens about the Columbia River Crossing (CRC). It was not adopted by the majority. The amendment would:

  • Prohibit the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) from spending any further money on the bridge as currently designed;
  • Require the department to prepare a supplemental environmental impact statement with a new design which does not include light rail and must consider a third bridge option; and
  • Reiterate the intent that Washington and Oregon must contribute equal amounts of money to the project and that Washington must not pay for any part of the project in the state of Oregon other than the bridge structure and landings.

“I have heard from hundreds of concerned constituents about the current design of the CRC. These people are the commuters, business owners and families who will be affected everyday by this bridge,” said Pike. “This amendment highlights those concerns, and they must be addressed before moving forward on this project.”

Pike introduced House Bill 2025 earlier in the session which dealt with these same concerns.

“I dropped this bill to halt CRC funding because a vast majority of my constituents have voiced serious concerns about this deeply flawed design. The supplemental environmental impact statement must include an option that studies a third bridge alternative, eliminates light rail and meets the needs of current and future river users,” said Pike.


Washington State House Republican Communications