18th District lawmakers schedule Dec. 6 town hall meeting in Battle Ground

Nov. 24, 2014CONTACT:
Liz Coleman, Information officer to Sen. Rivers – (360) 786-7395
John Sattgast, Information officer to Rep. Pike/Broadcast Coordinator – (360) 786-7257
Kylee Zabel, Information officer to Rep. Vick – (360) 786-7031

18th District lawmakers schedule Dec. 6 town hall meeting in Battle Ground

Sen. Ann Rivers, Rep. Liz Pike and Rep. Brandon Vick are inviting 18th District citizens to join them Saturday, Dec. 6 for a town hall meeting in Battle Ground. The three lawmakers are hoping to hear from the public about issues and priorities as they prepare for the 2015 legislative session, which begins in January.

“I’m excited to hear directly from my constituents what their expectations are for the upcoming legislative session. Their input is truly what guides me in Olympia and I’m hopeful folks will travel to Battle Ground to participate,” said Rivers, R-La Center. “Normally we are able to schedule several town hall meetings throughout the area, but this year most facilities were already reserved for holiday events.”

“The most important job I have as a state representative is listening to the people I serve and taking their concerns and input to the state Capitol,” said Pike, R-Camas. “This is an opportunity for citizens to bring their issues to us so that we can best represent them in the 2015 session.”

“Nearly a month away from session, this is such an important time for everyone to come together to discuss the many issues facing our state,” said Vick, R-Felida. “It’s important we hear, firsthand, from constituents as we enter 2015 and I’m looking forward to the productive dialogues.”

The town hall meeting will be held:

Saturday, Dec. 6
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
City Hall
109 S.W. 1st Street
Battle Ground, WA

People not able to attend are encouraged to contact Sen. Rivers and Reps. Pike and Vick with their questions and concerns.

The 2015 legislative session begins Jan. 12 in Olympia. For more information about the town hall meeting, contact Sen. Rivers: (360) 786-7634 (Olympia); Rep. Pike: (360) 210-4534 (Camas); or Rep. Vick at (360) 210-7070 (Camas).

     Sen. Ann Rivers    Rep. Brandon Vick        Rep. Liz Pike

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