Republicans sharply criticize temporary education funding bill

Legislator: Rep. Liz Pike
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Lawmakers in Olympia voted Monday to cancel a cut in local property taxes that had been planned to take effect next January. Proponents argue the one-year extension is needed to allow schools to keep schools solvent. But Republicans in the House say it punts the real issue – a long-term solution to fully fund education.  John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

SATTGAST: A four percent increase in the levy base of local property taxes for schools is set to expire next January.

Fearful of what they called the “levy cliff,” Democrats passed a bill Monday that would provide a one-year extension. The temporary measure drew sharp criticism from House Republicans who said this should be the year to provide a long-term education funding solution – not a short term fix.

Bruce Chandler of Granger is the House Republican lead budget writer.

CHANDLER: “What we’re doing here today is the House is resigning itself to failure. It’s saying it’s not even going to try to resolve the issues that lay before us in a timely manner.”

SATTGAST: Representative Liz Pike is a Republican from Camas.

PIKE: “Passing this bill today is worse than a punt. It’s like picking up the ball in the middle of the game, or in the first play of the game, and walking straight to the locker room.”

SATTGAST: Republicans say they hope this doesn’t give lawmakers an excuse to kick the can down the road one more year on permanent education funding.

John Sattgast, Olympia.


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